Master thesis project available

Multiparametric single cell cytometry of immune responses by natural killer cells and T cells


Natural killer (NK) cells and T cells are vital parts of the immune response as they can destroy malignant cells and alert surrounding immune cells by secreting cytokines. These functions have made NK cells and T cells the prime candidates for adaptive immunotherapy against cancer. Current methods cannot efficiently resolve the multiple functions displayed by individual immune cells. In this project we develop a method based on microfluidics and optical microscopy where both the cytotoxicity and the cytokine secretion of individual immune cells can be detected. The project involves cell culture, cell staining, fluorescence microscopy and possibly simulations of fluidics and diffusion. The student will join a multidisciplinary research group at Applied Physics, Science for Life Laboratory, KTH. The project is performed in collaboration with Mabtech AB.

Please contact Björn Önfelt in an email with your application and CV ASAP 🙂chip between fingers